NEW “Affiliates Only” Video: Ten Minute Pages vs. The World!

Posted on June 13, 2013 by admin
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For Affiliates Eyes ONLY (do NOT share this with anyone… yet)…

Kyle reveals 4 big reasons why he’s 100% confident that “Ten Minute Pages” blows away any other tool you (or your people) use for creating marketing pages.

Here’s some of what Kyle shares (and when) in the video:

(00:57) How long “Ten Minute Pages” has been in development (before WordPress?).

(1:30) #1 reason “Ten Minute Pages” is different than all the rest.

(2:03) #2 feature that makes “Ten Minute Pages” easier than the rest.

(2:53) Watch Kyle edit a squeeze page on the fly in 15 seconds.

(3:13) The 2 types of webpage software & which one Kyle HATES.

(4:22) Why 25 templates just isn’t enough (& how many are in TMP).

(5:00) Kyle shows template categories & edits a video page QUICKLY.

… and that’s only HALF of the video!

Plus– Attention LOCAL MARKETING EXPERTS… Don’t miss the part towards the end where Kyle talks about the “Ultimate License”, and how it benefits those who create web pages for CLIENTS!

Here’s the NEW Video that’s destined to ruffle feathers & get people talkin’…

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Here for you,

Andy Hussong
JV Director
“Ten Minute Pages”

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