Before launching Ten Minute Pages, we asked some friends to test out our sales process. Most just offered Ten Minute Pages to a "fraction" of their list, and we were BLOWN away by the results...

Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham

Hi, my name is Kyle Graham, creator of Ten Minute Pages, and I have a simple question for you...

Instead of jumping on the latest product... how GOOD would it feel, instead, to share a simple demonstration of a high-quality product?

One that's a PROVEN seller and has almost a FULL year of conversion-tests behind it.

  • It's PROVEN in the marketplace (customers and JVs LOVE IT)!
  • It's WANTED (& Needed) by newbies AND experienced marketers!
  • HIGH CONVERSIONS via cold traffic ($4-$5 EPCs) and webinars ($16 gross EPCs)!
  • Awesome customer support (we have YOUR people's backs)!

Pain free Marketing Pages

"Ten Minute Pages" is the fastest and easiest way to create stunning landing pages, sales pages, one-time-offer pages, and product launch funnels that convert!

It's EXTREMELY newbie friendly, but flexible enough for advanced marketers. It's because of this broad appeal that it converts so well.

Your customers will LOVE this! (Here's a video of Ten Minute Pages in action)...

In fact, check out why marketing legend, John Reese,
was so fired up about promoting "Ten Minute Pages"...

Make Up To $350+/Sale... Not Including Continuity!

We definitely HAVE YOUR BACK with solid commissions throughout our funnel...
While we're still testing and fine-tuning the exact price points, upsells, etc.

Here's how the commissions currently break down...

How & When You'll Get Paid

We'll be paying commissions via PAYPAL (or check for
those without Paypal) once the refund period has expired,
and each month after that for any commissions that may be due.

Proven High-Conversions Already!

We started preparing for this MONTHS ago with our "JV Webinar Phase", to see...

1. How popular "Ten Minute Pages" would be in our industry.

2. How well it actually CONVERTS into paying customers.

Well, not only have affiliates (& JVs) LOVED "Ten Minute Pages", but we averaged...

$16+ gross EPCs ($8+ EPCs to the JVs)... from Live Webinars!

Next, once we knew people loved our software, we began testing our offer via COLD TRAFFIC with Facebook ads, and we're currently getting...

$4-6 EPCs from COLD TRAFFIC!

Let's face it... if it converts with cold traffic, this will be a SLAM DUNK for your list! :-)

we're taking everything that's worked during these two initial phases and applying them to to rock out the HIGHEST CONVERSIONS possible for YOU!

Another Happy JV Partner...

Join Our Launch To Make Up To $350+/Sale NOW...

Have Questions? Top Notch JV Support...

JV Director
Committed JV
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Meet my Full-time "JV Director", Andy Hussong...

Andy Hussong
Andy Hussong

I was able to convince "JV attraction" and JV management expert, Andy Hussong, to come on board as JV Director for the "Ten Minute Pages" .

Because of his vast experience in helping manage the JV side of things for Internet marketing legend, John Reese, as well as various other clients, I knew Andy would be a perfect fit as JV Director!

If you need anything at all as one of our affiliates, he'll get you taken care of.

Once you join , you'll get all of Andy's personal contact info, but if you should need anything at all in the meantime, you can simply contact him here with any questions you might have.